Considering A Router For Your Home

In sync with today’s trend, if your household also includes most of the members spending all their time either gaming or surfing the internet on their mobile phones, installing a quality router might be on our mind.

A router is a device that is programmed such that it takes service from one single Internet Service Provider (ISP) and provides it to multiple devices. These devices may include mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops etc.

A router can be classified into many types. But they are broadly classified into wired and wireless. While wired or Ethernet connections are usually faster and have a better internet connectivity and speed, wireless connections give you mobility as well as scope for multi-user connection.

Before you consider buying a wireless router, there are some factors that you must check for factors within your home that may come in the way of a seamless service. You can check out the internet for the best router guide. This router guide helped me choose the right router and internet service for my home.

These could include the size and overall layout of your home. Factors that will come in the way of the router’s performance include having too many walls, drywalls, plastered or hollow walls. Aluminum studs, uninsulated doors are some of the worst hindrances in a router’s performance.

Choosing between Sip or Gulp

This depends mainly on the size of your house. If you live in a small home where the router is never too far away, then it is a good option to buy a router that provides excellent throughput in the middle to low range.

And if your house includes more than one floor and many rooms, firstly your router will have to be centrally located. Then your choice of the router will have to be a one that provides a long range with a good data connection that will provide connectivity in all rooms. Go for a router that has excellent throughput in far conditions.