Deivid De Souza’s manager George went to France yesterday and said to Bozoğlu: ‘Do not worry, we will buy Souza’s bonservis from Bordeaux’

TRABZONSPOR and Deivid De Souza, the news from France is locked. The previous day Deivid’s manager Murat Bozoğlu, a member of the board of directors who dslr camera deals came together with George and agreed with the football player in every way, said that the response of Bordeaux Club will play a decisive role in the transfer.


DEİVİD’s manager George said before he went to France that he said to Bozoğlu: “Do not worry, we will get the bonservice from Bordeaux”. Bordeaux is expected to give a clear answer today. On the other hand, it was learned that Santos Club, where De Souza played for rent, was trying to get Deivid’s testimonial.

T he young football player Alişen Kandil who was in Trabzonspor who was in the form of a lease for A.Sebatspor last year, agreed with G.Antepspor. G.Antepspor President Celal Dogan, Trabzonspor President Atay Aktuğ’un wants to Alisen, Şenol Güneş’ın football player’s bonservis given to the opposition to Aktan Dogan’a, ‘We can give Alişen as a rental’ G.Antepspor also said that this single life yes. Alişen is expected to sign a contract for a year’s contract today.

Following the transfer of TRABZONSPOR to Jefferson, the Botafogo Club responded with the fans’ reaction and preferred to upgrade the price of the footballer to prevent another important player Rafael Marques from losing to Trabzonspor. Botafogolu managers, agreed with Rafael Trabzonspor managers have previously offered to raise the offer, learn that the Bordeaux-Mavililer do not consent to the other names waiting for the Rafael Santos’u could be directed to save.

TRABZON’un UNUTAMAM SHAKHTAR’da 4 million dollars transferred Tolga ” I do not forget the right of the top of Trabzonspor. I did not think about the monetary issues on the frontline. I think I have completed my mission, “he said. Tolga, his teacher, said that the sun would be proud of himself and said, “I will not embarrass him.”

TOLGA, the most interesting words about Fatih said this canon t5i review for 2017. Saying that Fatih is a quality person, Tolga said, “I am very happy to be in the same team and I hope that they will open their way and Fatih will go to one of the big football countries, otherwise he will leave football in Trabzon. I think the mission is completed, ” he said.

Gekidan Black Sea responded to the questions of TAKA Newspaper in the camp of GEREDE, said that Fenerbahçe lost this season is the turning point for Trabzonspor.