GOLDEN PEOPLE – which wishes success to Fatih Terim, who is brought to the Heads of Consultancy

Şenol Güneş and Fatih Tekke, who were selected by Işık Sigorta as golden men of the moon, proved once again how worthy they are to this title .

The Sun, which wishes success to Fatih Terim, segway scooter price who is brought to the Heads of Consultancy, It affects the stability of football, and it is not right for a judge to change his clubs in a short period of time because he has a higher bid. “

On the other hand, Trabzonspor striker Fatih Tekke, who is the golden man of the past month, mentioned the incidents of violence that took place outside the field, ” Reason, according to me, the administrators’ faulty statements. Soccer players have no problems in the field. Personal opinion, managers should give more careful statements, ” he said.

Kalfaoğlu Grant Requests

Zafer Caglayan, who cut the opening ribbon with attendees, said, “I am a child of a businessman who is a tradesman. I’m opening my own house here. How our prime minister looks at his esnaf and how he values ​​it is in the middle. You can see it very well when you look at the AK Party government red electric scooter program, “he said. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Trabzon Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans Chamber President Halil İbrahim Kalfaoğlu, Ministers cascaded Cağlayan and Özak’a telling the troubles.

Kalfaoğlu emphasized that unfair competition should be abolished and the market law should be removed. “Tax cuts should be made, unfair competition between KITs and trades should be removed. The opening of new businesses must be restricted. We will join together, or we will conclude that we have to combine our labor and capital within reason.

Markets law is vital for us. We want this law to be removed as soon as possible. ” The Minister of Public Works and the Minister of Tourism Faruk Özak also stated that Trabzon is a tradition-oriented city.

Trabzon Police Chief Arif Akkale’s new decree with another appointment yesterday was finalized.

According to the decision signed by President Abdullah Gul, Arif Akkale, who served as the Directorate of Security in Trabzon for about 1 year, is sent to Trabzon Feridun Boz which is serving as the Nigde Security Directorate.

The long-awaited Police Chiefs of Staff decision was signed last night. Arif Akkale, who has been working for Trabzon Security Directorate for about a year, has been appointed to the Adana Security Directorate and Nigde Police Chief Feridun Boz has been appointed to the Trabzon Security Directorate 2 wheel board. On the other hand,    after the incidents in Trabzon, the first-class Police Chief Resat Altay, who was taken to the center, was appointed to Burdur Police Department.

The resume of Feridun Boz that will start the relative in Trabzon:

Feridun BOZ, who came to the world in 1956 in Tekirdağ province, Saray province, started to refer to the General Directorate of Security with the rank of Deputy Commissioner between 1978-1982 after finishing the Police Academy in 1978;

He served in 1982-1986 Van, 1987-1994 Ankara, 1994-1997 Gumushane, and served as Provincial Police Vice Director in Edirne between 1997-2001.

In 2001, he served as Chief of Police General Directorate of Research and Planning Coordination Department with the rank of 1st Class Police Chief and in Police Chief Inspector in 2003 as Chief of Police Inspection Board.  Feridun BOZ, who was appointed to the Niğde Provincial Security Directorate by the decree dated 22.12.2003, has 2 children and knows German at a medium level.