Shock Measures to be Taken

The full-fledged contacts of the Ministers of Public Works and Trade in Trabzon gave great morale to both the bureaucracy and the business world.

Economic Development Studies

Trade and Industry Minister Zafer Caglayan and Minister of Public Works and Security Faruk Özak visited Trabzon yesterday. He stated that they took photographs of the illusions in order to bring the economic developments in Turkey to the highest level samsung gear promotion. He said, “We came to Trabzon’s MR.”

Faculty of Law Müjdelendi

Caglayan said that the studies to be carried out in this period will be a period of micro reform, shock measures and structural reforms will be a success period. Minister Faruk Ozak gave the good news of the signing of the Faculty of Law, which will be opened to the university during the visit to the university.

Growth Continues

58 and 59. During the period of government, Turkey has achieved a very important achievement and for the first time in the history of the Republic, there is a growth of 7 percent in 22 consecutive quarters. “I am a 27 year industrialist and 5 year chairman Five years ago, Turkey’s total output, or GNP, was 181 billion dollars, and today, thankfully, it was only 489 billion dollars, which is a short time, and our next target is 520 billion dollars.

Çağlayan explains the success at the point reached with a very interesting example: “Before I entered politics, someone came to me in 2002 and said” Turkey’s GNP will approach 500 billion dollars after 4-5 years, exports will exceed 100 billion dollars The national income per capita would exceed 7 thousand dollars “, I sincerely say that I will not be going to be at the point where they will not be and I would be on the side of the loss, indeed very serious and lasting economic success in the history of the republic oculus rift headset review.” Despite the destruction created by the crisis of 2001.

Childrens Book Verdiler

Ministers Caglayan and Ozak along with Deputy Mustafa Cumur and Governor Nuri Okutan Governor of Trabzon meeting hall distributed books to primary school students. Underlining that the AK Party has given serious support to education, the Minister Caglayan said in his speech here, “The government why the AK Party’s criticism of the book because of the salt box. Training with the AK Party government gave very important support. Now the books are waiting for our children on the orders, “he said.

Horonlu Opening

Minister of Public Works and Civilization Faruk Nafiz Özak and Minister of Industry and Trade Zafer Çağlayan attended the opening ceremony of the Tradesman Palace. Mayor Volkan Canalioğlu, Trabzon Police Chief Arif Akkale and NGOs also attended the ceremony. While the ministers are welcomed with horon, Governor Nuri Okutani AK Party Provincial Chairman Muhammet Balta, 2017 review of VR Shinecon! Parliamentary Mustafa Cumur and Ministers   played horon for a while .