GOLDEN PEOPLE – which wishes success to Fatih Terim, who is brought to the Heads of Consultancy

Şenol Güneş and Fatih Tekke, who were selected by Işık Sigorta as golden men of the moon, proved once again how worthy they are to this title .

The Sun, which wishes success to Fatih Terim, segway scooter price who is brought to the Heads of Consultancy, It affects the stability of football, and it is not right for a judge to change his clubs in a short period of time because he has a higher bid. “

On the other hand, Trabzonspor striker Fatih Tekke, who is the golden man of the past month, mentioned the incidents of violence that took place outside the field, ” Reason, according to me, the administrators’ faulty statements. Soccer players have no problems in the field. Personal opinion, managers should give more careful statements, ” he said.

Kalfaoğlu Grant Requests

Zafer Caglayan, who cut the opening ribbon with attendees, said, “I am a child of a businessman who is a tradesman. I’m opening my own house here. How our prime minister looks at his esnaf and how he values ​​it is in the middle. You can see it very well when you look at the AK Party government red electric scooter program, “he said. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Trabzon Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans Chamber President Halil İbrahim Kalfaoğlu, Ministers cascaded Cağlayan and Özak’a telling the troubles.

Kalfaoğlu emphasized that unfair competition should be abolished and the market law should be removed. “Tax cuts should be made, unfair competition between KITs and trades should be removed. The opening of new businesses must be restricted. We will join together, or we will conclude that we have to combine our labor and capital within reason.

Markets law is vital for us. We want this law to be removed as soon as possible. ” The Minister of Public Works and the Minister of Tourism Faruk Özak also stated that Trabzon is a tradition-oriented city.

Trabzon Police Chief Arif Akkale’s new decree with another appointment yesterday was finalized.

According to the decision signed by President Abdullah Gul, Arif Akkale, who served as the Directorate of Security in Trabzon for about 1 year, is sent to Trabzon Feridun Boz which is serving as the Nigde Security Directorate.

The long-awaited Police Chiefs of Staff decision was signed last night. Arif Akkale, who has been working for Trabzon Security Directorate for about a year, has been appointed to the Adana Security Directorate and Nigde Police Chief Feridun Boz has been appointed to the Trabzon Security Directorate 2 wheel board. On the other hand,    after the incidents in Trabzon, the first-class Police Chief Resat Altay, who was taken to the center, was appointed to Burdur Police Department.

The resume of Feridun Boz that will start the relative in Trabzon:

Feridun BOZ, who came to the world in 1956 in Tekirdağ province, Saray province, started to refer to the General Directorate of Security with the rank of Deputy Commissioner between 1978-1982 after finishing the Police Academy in 1978;

He served in 1982-1986 Van, 1987-1994 Ankara, 1994-1997 Gumushane, and served as Provincial Police Vice Director in Edirne between 1997-2001.

In 2001, he served as Chief of Police General Directorate of Research and Planning Coordination Department with the rank of 1st Class Police Chief and in Police Chief Inspector in 2003 as Chief of Police Inspection Board.  Feridun BOZ, who was appointed to the Niğde Provincial Security Directorate by the decree dated 22.12.2003, has 2 children and knows German at a medium level.

Gang Released from Behind the Murders

Following the removal of 3 genocide bodies that were missing in the pits buried in Balikesir on 9 January, the coffee shop operator Mehmet Durna kids drone online – price, who had not been heard since 5 January, was reached last night.

Mustafa İnan (32), who is allegedly the ringleader of the gang that handles the murders, has cautioned that he must watch his works coolly after showing the place where police buried Durna’s body. The prosecutor’s office for seven suspected murderers requested additional custody. Citizens have described the murder of four genera as “a complete brutality.”

The last ring of the brutality chain, which started with the café in Balikesir and started with the killing of 4 genera, was completed with the excavations of last night. Following the disappearance of Serkan Özmen (30), Ercan Altuntaş (20) and Samet Erkutoğlu (17) on 9 January, an empty land was buried and Mehmet Durna, a coffee-maker who had not been heard since 5 January, was found. Mustafa İnan, nicknamed ‘Yellow Mustafa’, yesterday evening, killed Mehmet Durna and showed the burying place to the police cheap drone gopro. When the police were searching for Mehmet Durna in the pit they had previously taken from Serkan Özmen, he cautioned that ‘Mustafa Mustafa’ had to watch his work coldly. It is stated that Mustafa İnan had been a shepherd for a while in this region.

Excavation Made Difficult

Police experienced difficult times from time to time due to the nature conditions in the excavations near the Erikçi Creek. When digging down the level of the creek in the excavation, it started to trouble to start filling the water. The cops emptied their waters with tins and pans. Civil Defense Directorate asked for support when an excavation could not be achieved. Civil Defense teams brought motopomp to drain the water, but could not succeed. Despite snowfall and all difficult conditions, Mehmet Durna’s body was reached at 21:00 hours. The corpse removed from the pit was removed to the morgue of Balikesir State Hospital.

Additional Detention Time

Meanwhile, suspects of murder still held in Balikesir Security Directorate Mustafa İnan, Mehmet Erhan Çetin (25), Serkan Fındık (31), Kamil Demir (24), Ferdi Duran (24), Ziya Yaşar Aşkın (31) and Arif Çetin 31) that the public prosecutor wanted additional custody. Seven suspects are expected to be referred to the judiciary tomorrow after the completion of their inquiries.

‘We will not have an opportunity for similar events’

Police Chief Omer Aydin, who started a referendum in Balikesir on January 26 and pointed out organizing crime organizations at his first meeting, said:

“I told you that organizing crime is one of the most important issues and we will insist on going to Balıkesir for the first time. There were missing youths. My friends had come to a certain stage in their investigation. We gave it a lot more speed. We could not be comfortable without the losses coming out. Because the families of the missing young people came and promised that we would find them drones for sale cheap, and if the offenders were to be delivered to the island. We evaluated the information at hand. First he went on to be lost. But we found the bodies. We took criminals, we took 7 people in custody. Balikesir people relaxed. We will endeavor to ensure that the same things do not happen, that organized crime is never committed again.

Borçka-Muratlı, Turkey’s third largest dam, was presented at a ceremony attended by the State Summit

Muratlı 85th Year Dam, which started construction on Coruh River in Çoruh River in Artvin, was opened to service with the participation of President of Turkish Parliament Bülent Arınç, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Energy Minister Hilmi Güler and guest of Prime Minister of Acaristan.

‘Leaders in Trabzon

Trabzon hosted the summit of the State for a week this nikon tripod can fit fine!, Prime Minister Erdoğan and the President of the House Bulent Arinc yesterday hosted. While Erdogan flew to Azerbaijan via Trabzon, Bulent Arinc joined the Republic Concert in Trabzon.

Trabzon Arsin county entrance at the entrance of the traffic accident, 6-year-old lost his childhood. Husniha Canbakkal (6), who crossed the road at Fiskobirlik locality, lost the end result of the plate-car’s 34-VY-8185 crash. Accident Arsin drowned the law. In Rize, Mehmet Baltacı, 14, died at the scene.

Trabzonspor signed a five-year contract with Brazil’s hopeful National Team’s goalkeeper Jefferson, with a 2-year option. Bordeaux-blueness in the official web site of the statement, 22-year-old goalkeeper Jefferson de Oliviera Galvao and the official contract was signed.

Minister of Health Recep Akdag, the famous artist Kazim hot to buy binoculars? 2017 GUIDE. Koyuncu’nın died of cancer in the past days after the death of cancer in the Black Sea Region in the face of increased claims of cancer lie. Akdag said they were doing extensive research in the region and said “the amendment is unfounded”.

At Espiye Çam Mahallesi in Giresun, a person named Enes Tutal (50) was killed by guns from different parts of the roadside. Research has been initiated to capture Tutal’s killers or killers. On the other hand, Soner K., a suspect of the armed attack on Trabzon bus station, was arrested yesterday.

Trabzon Arsin county entrance at the entrance of the traffic accident, 6-year-old lost his childhood. Husniha Canbakkal (6), who crossed the road at Fiskobirlik locality, lost the end result of the plate-car’s 34-VY-8185 crash. Accident Arsin drowned the law. In Rize, Mehmet Baltacı, 14, died at the scene.

TRABZONSPOR’s new transfer goalkeeper Jefferson de Oliviera Galvão posed with Bordo-Mavi formate after taking official signature. Jefferson, who signed the signing with Murat Bozoğlu, sent a message to his teammates through Bozoğlu. Jefferson said that he was very trustworthy and said, “Do not worry about friendship at all, your eyes will not be in the back.

“I am very curious about the fans,” said Jefferson, who has received very positive information from Murat Bozoğlu about TRABZONSPOR supporters. Jefferson remembers that small best night vision monocular to buy online he remembered the Turkish national team from matches played against Brazil in the 2002 World Cup, “I know Şenol hocayı from there, I think I’m transferring to a big club.”

Shock Measures to be Taken

The full-fledged contacts of the Ministers of Public Works and Trade in Trabzon gave great morale to both the bureaucracy and the business world.

Economic Development Studies

Trade and Industry Minister Zafer Caglayan and Minister of Public Works and Security Faruk Özak visited Trabzon yesterday. He stated that they took photographs of the illusions in order to bring the economic developments in Turkey to the highest level samsung gear promotion. He said, “We came to Trabzon’s MR.”

Faculty of Law Müjdelendi

Caglayan said that the studies to be carried out in this period will be a period of micro reform, shock measures and structural reforms will be a success period. Minister Faruk Ozak gave the good news of the signing of the Faculty of Law, which will be opened to the university during the visit to the university.

Growth Continues

58 and 59. During the period of government, Turkey has achieved a very important achievement and for the first time in the history of the Republic, there is a growth of 7 percent in 22 consecutive quarters. “I am a 27 year industrialist and 5 year chairman Five years ago, Turkey’s total output, or GNP, was 181 billion dollars, and today, thankfully, it was only 489 billion dollars, which is a short time, and our next target is 520 billion dollars.

Çağlayan explains the success at the point reached with a very interesting example: “Before I entered politics, someone came to me in 2002 and said” Turkey’s GNP will approach 500 billion dollars after 4-5 years, exports will exceed 100 billion dollars The national income per capita would exceed 7 thousand dollars “, I sincerely say that I will not be going to be at the point where they will not be and I would be on the side of the loss, indeed very serious and lasting economic success in the history of the republic oculus rift headset review.” Despite the destruction created by the crisis of 2001.

Childrens Book Verdiler

Ministers Caglayan and Ozak along with Deputy Mustafa Cumur and Governor Nuri Okutan Governor of Trabzon meeting hall distributed books to primary school students. Underlining that the AK Party has given serious support to education, the Minister Caglayan said in his speech here, “The government why the AK Party’s criticism of the book because of the salt box. Training with the AK Party government gave very important support. Now the books are waiting for our children on the orders, “he said.

Horonlu Opening

Minister of Public Works and Civilization Faruk Nafiz Özak and Minister of Industry and Trade Zafer Çağlayan attended the opening ceremony of the Tradesman Palace. Mayor Volkan Canalioğlu, Trabzon Police Chief Arif Akkale and NGOs also attended the ceremony. While the ministers are welcomed with horon, Governor Nuri Okutani AK Party Provincial Chairman Muhammet Balta, 2017 review of VR Shinecon! Parliamentary Mustafa Cumur and Ministers   played horon for a while .

Deivid De Souza’s manager George went to France yesterday and said to Bozoğlu: ‘Do not worry, we will buy Souza’s bonservis from Bordeaux’

TRABZONSPOR and Deivid De Souza, the news from France is locked. The previous day Deivid’s manager Murat Bozoğlu, a member of the board of directors who dslr camera deals came together with George and agreed with the football player in every way, said that the response of Bordeaux Club will play a decisive role in the transfer.


DEİVİD’s manager George said before he went to France that he said to Bozoğlu: “Do not worry, we will get the bonservice from Bordeaux”. Bordeaux is expected to give a clear answer today. On the other hand, it was learned that Santos Club, where De Souza played for rent, was trying to get Deivid’s testimonial.

T he young football player Alişen Kandil who was in Trabzonspor who was in the form of a lease for A.Sebatspor last year, agreed with G.Antepspor. G.Antepspor President Celal Dogan, Trabzonspor President Atay Aktuğ’un wants to Alisen, Şenol Güneş’ın football player’s bonservis given to the opposition to Aktan Dogan’a, ‘We can give Alişen as a rental’ G.Antepspor also said that this single life yes. Alişen is expected to sign a contract for a year’s contract today.

Following the transfer of TRABZONSPOR to Jefferson, the Botafogo Club responded with the fans’ reaction and preferred to upgrade the price of the footballer to prevent another important player Rafael Marques from losing to Trabzonspor. Botafogolu managers, agreed with Rafael Trabzonspor managers have previously offered to raise the offer, learn that the Bordeaux-Mavililer do not consent to the other names waiting for the Rafael Santos’u could be directed to save.

TRABZON’un UNUTAMAM SHAKHTAR’da 4 million dollars transferred Tolga ” I do not forget the right of the top of Trabzonspor. I did not think about the monetary issues on the frontline. I think I have completed my mission, “he said. Tolga, his teacher, said that the sun would be proud of himself and said, “I will not embarrass him.”

TOLGA, the most interesting words about Fatih said this canon t5i review for 2017. Saying that Fatih is a quality person, Tolga said, “I am very happy to be in the same team and I hope that they will open their way and Fatih will go to one of the big football countries, otherwise he will leave football in Trabzon. I think the mission is completed, ” he said.

Gekidan Black Sea responded to the questions of TAKA Newspaper in the camp of GEREDE, said that Fenerbahçe lost this season is the turning point for Trabzonspor.