Gang Released from Behind the Murders

Following the removal of 3 genocide bodies that were missing in the pits buried in Balikesir on 9 January, the coffee shop operator Mehmet Durna kids drone online – price, who had not been heard since 5 January, was reached last night.

Mustafa İnan (32), who is allegedly the ringleader of the gang that handles the murders, has cautioned that he must watch his works coolly after showing the place where police buried Durna’s body. The prosecutor’s office for seven suspected murderers requested additional custody. Citizens have described the murder of four genera as “a complete brutality.”

The last ring of the brutality chain, which started with the café in Balikesir and started with the killing of 4 genera, was completed with the excavations of last night. Following the disappearance of Serkan Özmen (30), Ercan Altuntaş (20) and Samet Erkutoğlu (17) on 9 January, an empty land was buried and Mehmet Durna, a coffee-maker who had not been heard since 5 January, was found. Mustafa İnan, nicknamed ‘Yellow Mustafa’, yesterday evening, killed Mehmet Durna and showed the burying place to the police cheap drone gopro. When the police were searching for Mehmet Durna in the pit they had previously taken from Serkan Özmen, he cautioned that ‘Mustafa Mustafa’ had to watch his work coldly. It is stated that Mustafa İnan had been a shepherd for a while in this region.

Excavation Made Difficult

Police experienced difficult times from time to time due to the nature conditions in the excavations near the Erikçi Creek. When digging down the level of the creek in the excavation, it started to trouble to start filling the water. The cops emptied their waters with tins and pans. Civil Defense Directorate asked for support when an excavation could not be achieved. Civil Defense teams brought motopomp to drain the water, but could not succeed. Despite snowfall and all difficult conditions, Mehmet Durna’s body was reached at 21:00 hours. The corpse removed from the pit was removed to the morgue of Balikesir State Hospital.

Additional Detention Time

Meanwhile, suspects of murder still held in Balikesir Security Directorate Mustafa İnan, Mehmet Erhan Çetin (25), Serkan Fındık (31), Kamil Demir (24), Ferdi Duran (24), Ziya Yaşar Aşkın (31) and Arif Çetin 31) that the public prosecutor wanted additional custody. Seven suspects are expected to be referred to the judiciary tomorrow after the completion of their inquiries.

‘We will not have an opportunity for similar events’

Police Chief Omer Aydin, who started a referendum in Balikesir on January 26 and pointed out organizing crime organizations at his first meeting, said:

“I told you that organizing crime is one of the most important issues and we will insist on going to Balıkesir for the first time. There were missing youths. My friends had come to a certain stage in their investigation. We gave it a lot more speed. We could not be comfortable without the losses coming out. Because the families of the missing young people came and promised that we would find them drones for sale cheap, and if the offenders were to be delivered to the island. We evaluated the information at hand. First he went on to be lost. But we found the bodies. We took criminals, we took 7 people in custody. Balikesir people relaxed. We will endeavor to ensure that the same things do not happen, that organized crime is never committed again.